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Journal の教会関連リスト

The Christian Science Journal の教会関連リストは、世界各地のキリスト教科学実践士、教師、教会、小教会、読書室、キリスト教科学看護師、キリスト教科学大学団、また渉外部のすべてが記載されたリストです。このリストはオンラインで利用することができ、月刊の『キリスト教科学さきがけ』、およびThe Christian Science Journal の後部にも掲載されています。

The Mission of the Herald

In 1903, Mary Baker Eddy established The Herald of Christian Science. Its purpose: "to proclaim the universal activity and availability of Truth." The definition of "herald" as given in a dictionary, "forerunner—a messenger sent before to give notice of the approach of what is to follow," gives a special significance to the name Herald and moreover points to our obligation, the obligation of each one of us, to see that our Heralds fulfill their trust, a trust inseparable from the Christ and first announced by Jesus (Mark 16:15), "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

Mary Sands Lee, Christian Science Sentinel, July 7, 1956

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